Up-and-down bender, XB model

Outstanding performance in series 

XB double bender for profiles with a bending length starting at 4 metres (12 ft.) and a metal sheet thicknesses up to 2.0 mm steel (12 gauge). The machine is characterised by its simple operation and intuitive control. Orders are completed with a high level of productivity and extremely simple handling. This is what profitable metal processing looks like.

  • BMS Touch control
    Intuitive, simple touch operation. Create and change profiles using touchscreen painting. Automatic calculation of the bending sequence with graphical simulation and representation. >>

  • BMS Touch control
    Profiles can also be created on Office software and be transferred to the machine. Computer is Windows©-based and network-compatible.

  • Inclined bending beams
    For a high level of flexibility and narrow counter-swinging. Due to the removable 10 mm bending rail strips, even narrower bends can be made. Maximum bending angle: 145 degrees.

  • Hydraulically driven bending joints
    Each stand / tension arm unit has 2 hydraulically driven bending joints. Robust, sturdy design for an even bending performance across the entire length.

  • Electrical rotary shear
    The cutting unit is driven by a maintenance-free heavy-duty timing belt. Cutting performances of 1.5 mm (15 gauge) can be achieved with ease.

  • Electronic back gauge
    Driven by maintenance-free timing belts. All the back gauge fingers can be positioned individually across the entire bending length. Automatic positioning.