Double bends faster

The Biegemaster XBend bends material thicknesses of up to 2mm  steel sheet metal fully automatically. Benefit from high productivity and easy handling.

XBend series highlights

  • Fully automatic bending in two directions without turning around
  • The clamping beam can be controlled with millimetre precision for perfect folds
  • Precise positioning thanks to electronic back gauge
  • All bending joints are powerfully driven by 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic loading assistance for the easy insertion of sheet metals
  • Inclined bending beams for a high degree of flexibility and short counter-folds
  • Robust cutter driven by a timing belt
  • Prior programming of the profiles, transfer via Wi-Fi or USB
  • Archive of all previously used projects on the machines
  • Intuitively operable control via multi-touch display with wide range of functions

Technical specifications

  • Lengths: 3-12 metres
  • Bending capacity steel 400N/mm²): 1,25-2mm
  • Back gauge: Slider or gripper, computer-operated
  • Bending directions: 2
  • Shear: electrical cutter optionally available
  • Driven bending joints: All joints hydraulic
  • Control system: BMS multi-touch control system
  • Bending angles: Up to 150°
  • Clamping beam adjustment: Optionally available

Precise positioning, easy insertion of the sheet metals

Computer-operated back gauge fingers enable the simple and precise positioning of the sheet metals. The back gauge fingers hereby drive automatically into the correct position with each new bending phase. All back gauge fingers can be freely positioned over the entire bending length for optimal adjustment to the workpiece.

Thanks to the freely positionable foot switch, both hands remain free when fixing the sheet metal.

Automatic loading assistance
The lower bending beam is brought into a horizontal position with the machine open. This makes it significantly easier to insert long and large cuts.

  • Computer-operated electronic precision back gauge
  • Operator-independent positioning
  • Reproducible bending results
  • Driven by a maintenance-free timing belt

A back gauge with automatic gripper system is also optionally available

Precise sheet metal cutting

The sheet metal is cut with millimetre precision using the integrated shear right from the first fixing. The XBend can optionally be equipped with an electrical cutter. Fitting the clamping beam on the machine body eliminates constraining contours and force effects. Driven by a maintenance-free timing belt.

  • Cutting device driven by a maintenance-free timing belt
  • Cutting capacity of up to 2 mm steel
  • Fitting the clamping beam on the machine body eliminates guide rails and force effects through cutting

Bend in two directions fully automatically

Each stand / tension arm unit is driven by two hydraulic cylinders. The robust and rigid construction ensures an even bending capacity over the entire length. With the optionally available grippers, the XBend bends fully automatically and without manual intervention.
You can thus rule out application errors.

  • Quick, precise bending in two directions thanks to a hydraulic drive unit
  • Demanding bending: The clamping beam can be controlled with millimetre precision
  • All common profiles with a bending length ranging from 3  to 12 metres with material thicknesses of up to 2 mm can be precisely folded.

Profile creation via touch display or office computer

The BMS multi-touch control system enables intuitive operation by touching the screen. This ensures that new profiles can be created quickly or created using touchscreen painting. The control system can draw on stored profiles. Automatic bend sequence calculations with graphic simulation and illustration complete this all-rounder. The BMS multi-touch control system allows even untrained users to create profiles themselves in no time.

Remote maintenance
Biegemaster can provide support to users of the BMS multi-touch system when creating profiles or reading out parameters for a subsequent analysis via a remote maintenance function.

Preparation on your office PC
For a highly efficient work preparation, you can also easily create a profile in advance at the office workplace with our software and subsequently transfer it onto the machine.

  • Draw profiles directly at the machine using screen painting
  • Simply load stored profiles from the archive
  • Simply create profiles on the office computer using our software and subsequently transfer them onto the machine
  • We also provide remote support via remote maintenance

Demanding bending parts

With the Biegemaster XBend even demanding profiles can be created easily and reproducibly. The bending beam can be controlled precisely and with millimetre precision for perfect folds. You can precisely fold all common profiles with a bending length ranging from 3 to 12 metres with material thicknesses of up to 2mm. The optimal clamping beam geometry makes large bending angles (150°) with simultaneously lots of free space in the interior of the machine.

Inclined bending beams permit a high degree of flexibility and short counter-folds. A clamping beam adjustment is optionally available.

  • Many useful additional functions,oriented towards the demands in practice
  • Clamping beam can be operated with millimetre precision for optimal folds
  • Inclined bending beams for a high degree of flexibility

Extras & upgrades for Biegemaster XBend

From the tablet to the machine

Fast and efficient: Biegemaster software allows you to draw the required folded profiles on your tablet on the construction site and later transfer it directly onto your bending machine via Bluetooth.

Available for: All BMS multi-touch control systems

Automatic gripper system

The automatic controlled grippers fix and position the sheet metal during profile creation. This reduces the manual intervention in the bending process to a minimum.

Available for: XBend

Conical back gauge

Enables the production of folded parts with widely varying depths (individual, conical bending) as well as profiles with a narrow and wide profile side (interlock function). In order to be able to suitably make the conical sheet cuts, a laser line at the sheet metal placement area indicates the millimetre-precise position.

Available for: XBend and BendTron

Insertion depth of 1250 mm

For cuts such as trapezoidal sheets, all our machines can be supplied with an insertion depth of up to 1250 mm.

Available for: All models

Automatic clamping beam adjustment

The hydraulic clamping beam adjustment (air gap adjustment) enables the adaptation to different sheet thicknesses.

Available for: All models

Non-abrasive placement area

Polyethylene or brush table placement areas enable the scratch-free and non-abrasive processing of sensitive, lacquered or delicate materials.

Available for: XBend und BendTron

Technical specifications

Model name Working length Stand / tension arms Bending capacity
mm Steel Aluminium
XBEND 3.1,80 3010 3 1,80 2,00
XBEND 3.2,00 3350 4 2,00 2,00
XBEND 4.1,50 4010 3 1,50 2,00
XBEND 4.2,00 4010 5 2,00 2,00
XBEND 5.1,50 5010 4 1,50 2,00
XBEND 6.1,25 6400 4 1,25 2,00
XBEND 6.1,50 6400 5 1,50 2,00
XBEND 6.1,75 6400 6 1,75 2,00
XBEND 6.2,00 6400 7 2,00 2,00
XBEND 8.1,25 8020 5 1,25 2,00
XBEND 8.1,50 8020 6 1,50 2,00
XBEND 8.2,00 8020 9 2,00 2,00
XBEND 9.1,50 9020 7 1,50 2,00
XBEND 10.1,50 10020 8 1,50 2,00
XBEND 12.1,50 12020 10 1,50 2,00

Special lengths and other material thicknesses upon request

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