Here you are always in good hands

You are always in good hands here: You can always rely on your Biegemaster machine, and that is already reflected in production - made in Germany. And yet: You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs – which is why you can rely on our service after the purchase just as much as you can rely on our neutral and honest consulting before the purchase.

That is what we understand by qualified manufacturer service.

Fast service
You can rely on your Biegemaster machines. And if anything should happen, you can also rely on our fast service. We do everything to ensure that you can get back to work again as seamlessly and as quickly as possible.

Purchasing advice
We understand your needs and give you targeted and application-oriented advice on your new bending machine.

Our bending machines are intuitive and easy to use. You will of course receive a detailed instruction to ensure you achieve the best results right from the start.

Spare parts
If you need spare parts, delivery will be carried out immediately – via package, special consignment or collection. We always have all common parts in stock to make sure you can quickly get back to work.

Maintenance / repair
When it comes to construction, we purposely rely on maintenance-free or easy-to-maintenance parts. When it comes to any larger repairs or major maintenance, we are happy to provide you with support personally on site

Overhaul / modernisation
All our bending machines are designed for longevity. Many of them are given a second lease of life as a used bending machine.after decades in use thanks to an overhaul/modernisation.