2BEND IT LIKE BIEGEMASTER 1 Designing profiles The planning of the profile is based on the daily re quirements of companies with professional bending areas With the BMS Multi Touch control you work reproducibly and efficiently Optional preparation of profiles using our software at the office work place Easily accessible archive on the bending machine for frequently needed parts Draw parts directly on the machine using touch screen painting Easy and sophisticated operation using tapping Automatic bend sequence computation with graphic simulation and display Simple programming even for inexperienced users Function for interlocking profiles 2 Insert sheets comfortably All Biegemaster machines are optimised for a safe and ergonomic way of working that is always reproducible Automatic loading assistance the lower folding beam is brought into horizontal position when the machine is open Electronically controlled precision backgauge with optional grippers Driven by maintenance free toothed belts All gauge fingers can be individually positioned over the entire bending length The sheet is firmly secured and then cut to size accurate to the millimetre with the integrated plate shears The freely positionable foot switch leaves both hands free 3 Accurate cut After being fixed in place for the first time the sheet is cut to the millimetre with the integrated shears Cutting device driven by maintenance free toothed belts Cutting capacity up to 3 mm steel Because it is fastened on to the machine body the folding beam is free from guide rails and from the influence of forces by cutting 1 2

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