For the hydraulic pressing of books, brochures, posters, albums, images and pattern and sample cards.

The upper crosshead can be individually adjusted to minimise platen stroke. Each platen can be moved up and down independently using the pushbutton. Once the preselected pressure is reached, the station switches off and the pressure is held until the station is opened either manually or automatically by a timer. Pressing time and pressure settings are infinitely variable.

A long service life with a minimum of maintenance is assured by the unit's robust construction and reliable hydraulic system.

  • Single-platen press
    A large press platen with optional hot-seal pressing. Heating output up to 200 ºC.
  • Two-platen press
    Optionally available with a connecting plate (580 x 440 mm) for use as a single-platen press.
  • Four-platen press
    Optionally available with two connecting plates (580 x 440 mm) for use as a two-platen press.
  • Hot-sealing press
    A hydraulic single-platen press with a lower plunger for pressing, laminating and sealing. Seat valves ensure 100% consistent pressure.

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Book Back Nipping Press

The book back nipping press is used to compress the fold along the spine of the book. Two press stations which are loaded alternately make for rapid and efficient operation.

The pressing operation is initiated either by a timer or manually by an electric button. Adjustment of both pressure and stroke is infinitely variable.

  • Outstanding compressing performance
    Spring-loaded bars pre-press the book blocks in the sheets to guarantee high-quality nipping in a defined position.

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About us

Sperr & Lechner is a medium-sized engineering company based in Öhringen-Ohrnberg and has specialised in the manufacture and sale of high-quality machines for use in the print finishing industry since 1955.

The specialist firm of Sperr & Lechner can supply bookbinders with a wide range of high-performance SPLEK presses including platen presses, hot-sealing presses, bundling presses and back nipping presses.

All our products are developed and built in our own facilities. Each press is robust in its construction, versatile in service and easy to operate, whether for hardbacks, paperbacks, catalogues or magazines.

Whether you require advice on the right press to meet your needs, or after-sales service from a manufacturer you can trust, we are your first point of contact.

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