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Service & spare parts

You are always in good hands here: You can always rely on your Biegemaster machine, and that is already reflected in production - made in Germany. And yet: You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs – which is why you can rely on our service after the purchase just as much as you can rely on our neutral and honest consulting before the purchase. That is what we understand by qualified manufacturer service.

Service and spare parts

Used machines

The first choice when buying second-hand: Our used machines. Each used machine is carefully inspected by us and overhauled if necessary. You will get a high-quality and reliable long folding machine at an extremely competitive price.

Find your used bending machine

Extras and upgrades

Biegemaster is constantly optimising the bending process. You can find a wide range of useful configuration options and additional functions for our machines. Learn everything about our upgrades and control systems.

Extras, upgrades and control systems